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We'll do your dirty work.

We are a one-of-a-kind carwash offering a carnival like experience with our colourful soaps and lights. Our hardworking employees are there to assist you with any needs, such as pre-spraying and guiding you onto our conveyor. Our brushes are built of a new neoprene non-absorbent self-cleaning material. Their brushing action and pressures are set to do a clean, clear sweeping motion, alongside our soaps your vehicle will have a shiny new look. The actions of the brushes are set to not leave any penetrating scratch marks.

Splash & Dash

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Supreme Sparkle

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Monthly Memberships


With this membership you have the opportunity to come once a day over a 30-day period with one vehicle that will be recognized with our license plate recognition system. After each wash please take advantage of our complimentary vacuums and mat washes.

Supreme Sparkle

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Wheel Cleaner, Triple Foam, Side Blasters, Undercarriage and Wheel Blaster, Clear Coat, Pre-Soak, Drying Agent, Spot Free Rinse, Power Dry

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Show & Shine

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Side Blasters, Undercarriage and Wheel Blaster, Clear Coat, Pre-Soak, Drying Agent, Spot Free Rinse, Power Dry

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Save time, buy online.

Pre-buy your wash online to save time. Purchase your wash now and simply scan your bar code, or enter your ticket number, when you arrive at the car wash.

Please Note

In order to enter the car wash you can not have:

The Process


Proceed to lanes where a blue touch screen awaits you, use our automated system to purchase your wash with credit or debit (apple/android pay is accepted). To pay with cash or purchase a gift card please come inside.


Once you enter you will be greeted by employees that will spray down your car for any tough stuck dirt or bugs.


You will be guided onto our conveyer system, then be asked to place your car in neutral and take your foot of the brake slowly.


As an additional step we provide complimentary reusable shammies that you can use to wipe off any small spots we might have missed. Our mat wash room and vacuums are free with every wash.

Complimentary Services

Our greatest goal is to have a 100% clean car wash, but we understand that the variety of vehicles ever changing sizes and dimensions are far too great to get there!

We offer reusable shammies for you to have a complete do it yourself finish that will complete the little nooks and crannies we haven’t been able to reach. To make the inside match the outside of your car we offer vacuums and a mat wash room with every wash.

Looking for the next level of clean? Check out our exciting new offer at the Lorne location:

Express Clean

Fleet pricing available

Do you have many company vehicles that you want to shine? Come by JJs Express Wash and take advantage of our discounted fleet packages. Our express wash will provide efficient services that will make your company vehicles sparkle without even leaving your vehicle. Please contact us for more details and pricing options.

Car Wash Hours


7 Am - 8 Pm


8 Am - 7 Pm


10 Am - 6 Pm

JJ's Express FAQs

How to pay for a carwash?

Any cash payments can be taken inside after payment you will be provided a wash code that you can then take to the blue outdoor pay machines. Either scan the barcode using the scanner on the bottom left hand corner or select “Scan or Enter Wash Code” and type the five digit pin in. At these pay machines you are also able to do credit, debit or gift card payments. Just select buy wash and the machine will walk you through the steps.

How do monthly memberships work?

We offer two options for our memberships either our middle wash, the Show and Shine for $70 plus tax or the Supreme Sparkle for $78 plus tax. The membership system is set up with license plate recognition so you can only use the membership for one car. This membership will allow you to come through once a day for 30 days starting from the day of purchase. For example; if you bought the membership on January 15th the machine will ask you to renew it when you pull up on February 15th. You should seldom have problems with the scanning of your plate beyond the plate being covered in snow or too dirty to read but our employees will always be there to help if you do.

Do the brushes scratch cars?

No, our brushes are nothing like the old cloth ones that are known for damaging paint. Our brushes are a new technology which uses neoprene, a petroleum based synthetic rubber that is used in products such as wetsuits. This material is impermeable meaning it resists water and dirt because of this the brushes do not get weighed down by holding on to water nor do they attract dirt. Additionally, whenever the brushes are spinning they are also being sprayed with water to rinse off any grime. These brushes will not scratch your paint, leave swirls or scrub off wax; they act as a polishing agent to ensure your car comes out clean and shiny.

Can I leave my hitch on?

No, we ask any trucks or other vehicles that have hitches to please remove the hitch ahead of time as letting them go through can cause damage to our equipment and will hinder your wash experience.

Can I get a deal for my company vehicles?

If you have multiple vehicles registered under a company you can set up a fleet account with the oil change or car wash. For any inquiries please send us an email.

How do gift cards work?

You can purchase gift cards inside any of our buildings or on our website and they can be used to pay for an oil change, car wash or interior clean. At the carwash if you are buying an individual wash select “Buy Wash Here” then select the wash you would like, it will then ask for your payment method press “Gift Card.” Then scan the barcode on the back of your gift card using the scanner in the bottom left hand corner. For purchasing a membership please come inside and an employee will help you set up the membership.

Do I need an appointment for the oil change?

No, there is no appointment necessary just pull up to the doors outside the oil change at either our 51st or Lorne avenue location. On a busy day you might have to wait a couple minutes for any cars ahead to finish up. The oil change will take about 15 minutes and you will be ready to go.

Does the wash get bugs off?

During the summer we try our best to get all bugs off your vehicle. We use a product to lubricate the bugs and make them easier to spray. However if bugs are stained or baked on they become difficult to remove with just a pressure washer we do not want to wreck your paint by getting too close with the pressure washer.

What's the difference between washes?

We have three different wash options when you pay more you get more products, brushes and sprayers. The Splash and Dash is $15 plus tax, this is your basic wash of soap water and brushes. Our middle option for $18 plus tax is the Show and Shine, a step up from the basic you receive wheel cleaner, undercarriage sprayers and a mirror finish to make your car shine. The top wash the Supreme Sparkle contains all this and more for $23 you will get a foam bath, tire shine, all of our brushes and a ceramic wax protection to help protect your car against the dirty Saskatchewan gravel roads.

What is an express interior clean?

This is not a detail, we are not focusing on pet hair or stains, it is a twenty minute process of cleaning your vehicle on a conveyor. We will clean the mats, door jambs, windows, vacuum, wipe down the interior and protectant coat.

What do I need to do before my express interior clean?

Please make sure any belongings are moved out of the way and all garbage is thrown out. We do not know what is valuable to you and do not want to throw anything important out. If you have car seats please remove them to get the seat beneath cleaned we will not move them.

Why do I have to get a wash before my express interior clean?

We ask that you go through the wash beforehand as it will lubricate the door jambs. As well we want the interior clean building to stay as clean as possible so we don’t want to spread dirt between cars.

How do the vacuums and mat wash work?

With every wash we offer free vacuums and mat wash at both locations the vacuums are on a timer just press the button and they will automatically turn off. The mat wash can only be used on the flat or carpet mats, turn the machine on, place them face down and they will come out the bottom. If you have weather tech or molded mats we have pressure washers for you to spray them yourself.

New - Now Open!

Lorne Avenue Location

We are so excited to announce our new location of JJ's Express on Lorne Avenue.

Lorne Ave Location
51st Street Location